Snapshots of Karaoke lovers!


Buffy and Doc

"But Doc, you've only completed half of tonight's show!"


Buffy and Nancy

"...I'm taller!"   "...No, I'm taller..."


CJ and Doc

Diagnosis, anyone?


Harold and Alex hard at work

Harold and Alex hard(ly) at work


Gangster Hawk

OK, ya dirty rat, tell me again what you said about Ol' Blue Eyes!


Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?


                                      Roy, Big Bob and Friend

You talkin' ta ME????!!!!



If Ronnie could sing like he pours a drink, he'd be a rich man!



Bill...Bartender Extraordinaire/Karaoke Heavyweight!


Doc presents "Sam the Man" with the coveted
'Star Performer of the Year'
Award for


Nancy - At work in her sound studio


Susie, Doc and Nancy


Susie, Owner of Bill's Place

What's tougher than a six pen day?

What's tougher than a six pen day?


Sam - Voted happiest singer on the central coast three times in a row

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